Our story

Cypherloom – home of data couture, is a designer brand focused on manifesting personal meaning into fashion, accessories and interiors for individuals with a digital and culturally eclectic taste.

With the use of data, we design hand-made products that are unique for every person. Our goal is to prompt new relationships between people and the objects they collect, inspiring the most personal experience. By collaborating with authentic designers, developers and crafts(wo)men, we combine the quality of hand-made products with innovative use of information technology, augmented reality and digital fabrication.


Cypherloom was founded in 2019 by Dutch Designer Gianni Antonia, whilst studying at Central Saint Martins in London. After designing brand identities and social media for about a decade, Gianni was inspired to change course. He started working for upcoming fashion brands in The Netherlands and UK, resulting in his work being shown at Modest Fashion Week Dubai and London Fashion Week.

His urge to start a brand of his own that combined fashion design and data visualization, led him to a new practice within creative coding. Gianni's drive became to initiate the most personal approach to fashion, one that communicates the unique stories of the individuals that wear his work. His research evolved in the first ever user-generative fashion concept that includes the use of qualitative data.

In 2023, Cypherloom officially launched with Sara Orfali as XR Lead, further developing our interactive approach and relation to emerging technology for an even more personal experience – bridging the real world and digital realm through use of augmented reality. Approaching data as a spatial concept, is now a key element of our brand.

Our design studio is currently located at The Wasserij in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where we take visitors on appointment.

This year we'll celebrate our debut at Dutch Design Week (Microlab Hall) and Amsterdam Fashion Week (Felix Meritis). Here we'll show our first public collection. See you there!

Our vision

We believe meaning is the most valuable currency. We strive to inspire a more empowering relationship between people and the things they collect.

Brand promise

As a human brand, we design in a human way. We collaborate with local professionals, have transparent production processes and maintain a highly inclusive approach. Our cornerstone is to design products that mean something. More specifically, products that say something about you.

Working with data comes with a responsibility that we acknowledge. We value your privacy at all times (and never sell your data to other parties). We utilise information to craft experiences that benefit you directly.

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Hand-made in The Netherlands  🌍    •    Personalised  ✨    •      Sustainable  🍃    •    Free shipping  ⚡
Hand-made in The Netherlands  🌍    •    Personalised  ✨    •      Sustainable  🍃    •    Free shipping  ⚡
Hand-made in The Netherlands  🌍