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Frequently Asked Questions


How do your products work?

Our products are generated based on information you provide through a questionnaire. The questions ask about your personal identity. This way, every item is unique for every person. Every order comes with an Instagram filter to decipher the data you’ve submitted. This filter gives insights into the answers you’ve given so you can read them back any time. Don’t use Instagram? We deliver printed copies too upon request. For more information, visit our 'How it works' page.


How does my data affect the design?

Your design is generated with the help of our algorithms. These use different techniques to translate your data, depending on the type of content. The algorithms are programmed by our in-house team and do not use artificial intelligence.


How specific do I have to be when answering questions?

You can be as elaborate or concise as you wish. All kinds of input will make your pattern vary. The only case in which it won't is if the field is left blank.


Are all items unique?

All patterns are unique! it is not possible for a pattern to repeat itself twice, unless you happen to have a clone that answers the questions identically.


Can I create a product from my phone?

Yes, you can! Our developers made sure the Cypherloom website is mobile-friendly. If you happen to experience any trouble, please get in touch with our team.


How long does it take to fill in my data?

Every product has a time indication mentioned, as it varies per product. In a hurry? You can always finish later by saving your answers.


Is your product sustainable?

At cypherloom we create with our environment in mind. Our products are designed to be durable and are made of natural materials. Because we produce made-to-order and print all our products digitally, we keep our waste as little as possible.


How do I open the Instagram filter?

Every item comes with a unique filter, powered by Instagram. By tapping the NFC tag attached to the product with your mobile phone, your custom filter will magically open. An Instagram account will be necessary to access the filter. Steps of how to use our products are included with every order.

System requirements

iPhone / iOS – iPhone 6s or newer. Please make sure to enable NFC reading and a recent version of iOS. iPads are not compatible.

Android – Almost all modern Android devices (since 2012) support NFC. Please make sure to enable NFC reading before use.  


How is my product manufactured?

All our products are digitally printed in London with sustainable printing techniques. After this, all our products are handmade by local tailors in The Netherlands.


Can I request customisations or alterations to the products?

For businesses we offer opportunities to customise or develop products to your taste. Please get in touch with our design studio through this contact page.For special attire, our design team offers personalised looks. We can work with any type of content. These items are all made to measure and inspired by you. For more information, visit our special requests page.

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Hand-made in The Netherlands  🌍    •    Personalised  ✨    •      Sustainable  🍃    •    Free shipping  ⚡
Hand-made in The Netherlands  🌍